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Vitamins Good for Immune System


Nature’s Extract is a Nutraceutical company whose goal is to find natural formulations that can support one’s body at a maximum level. It’s the company’s goal to make sure that each product is thoroughly researched, carefully crafted, ethically sourced, and extremely potent.

Nature’s Extract is attentive to the ever-evolving supplement needs of the consumer.

Vitamins Good for Immune System


Love for family, concern for the Filipino, and a vision for a healthier tomorrow – these are the driving forces that brought Nature’s Extract to existence.

The woman behind this amazing line of products is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and a follower of Christ. Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease run in their family. To ensure that her children would not have to struggle with them in the future, she passionately looked for solutions to give them better habits for a better life through only quality products. The challenge came about when the supplement which they were taking was often out of stock and the additional supplements she wished for them to take were not locally available.

Being the visionary and the problem solver that she is, she set out to partner with leading Nutraceutical companies in the U.S.A. and India to bring in the products she was looking for. And in doing so, she knew in her heart that it should not only be for her family but be accessible to others as well. This turned into a vision of building solutions for healthy habits for the Filipino (and hopefully, the entire world). It took a while as she wanted to ensure research was flawless and manufacturing was the best of the best, and she eventually found her answers.

The COVID-19 situation presented a bigger challenge to the Filipino and the world, this prodded the company to look for ways for the public to have access to affordable, but more importantly, potent natural supplements. And with immunity as one of the most critical needs, Nature’s Extract was born. The company went on to launch their first line - a line of supplements whose main goal is to build, boost, and strengthen the immune system.

Vitamins Good for Immune System


Nature’s Extract recognizes that wellness is truly a result of healthier choices and habits. It’s the company’s goal to eventually be a top-of-mind brand of supplements and to be a staple in every household. Its vision is to see a movement in this generation of people being more mindful in developing healthy habits which will enable them to have a healthier and longer quality of life.


With principal manufacturers and researchers with FDA registered facilities in the United States and India, Nature’s Extract is proud of its high-quality formulations and ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected and when synergized, are expected to deliver a myriad of benefits to the consumer’s body – which is why the company boasts of the efficacy of its products.


It is Nature’s Extract’s commitment to deliver consumers with the highest quality products. Through FDA registered facilities that adhere to GMP compliance and all pertinent FDA regulatory requirements, all manufacturing processes are performed with a faithful commitment to highest quality standards ensuring the development of this exceptional line of products. It doesn’t stop there! From ingredient selection all the way to shipping to your homes, quality control measures are implemented to ensure you and your family get the most superior of products in the most convenient way.

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