Small Everyday Habits That Will Lead You to A Healthier Life

Been feeling a little sluggish lately? With everything that’s happened, we’re all bound to feel unmotivated! One way to fix this is to create a daily routine that works for you. A routine jam-packed with habits that make you feel productive and fulfilled.

The journey towards a healthy lifestyle starts by incorporating different habits into your daily routine. With that said, building new habits is not an easy task. By starting small, we slowly introduce habits that can impact our lives in the long run. Small habits act as building blocks that can make big changes in our future. Here are some small habits we’d like to share that you can include in your routine to achieve a healthier life.


Is your mind feeling a bit cluttered? Try cleaning your physical surroundings often!

A nice habit to incorporate into your day-to-day routine is daily clean-ups. We know, this can be taxing but if you set a specific time daily to tidy up a certain area of your house, it can be easy! It can be as small as a desk space, or as big as a whole room. Building this habit not only keeps your surroundings neat and tidy but, in most cases, it can also help with mental clarity. Having a clear space can give you more room to be productive and give your mind more ease.


We know, each year you tell yourself you’re going to read more; but setting such a broad goal can be daunting. More often than not we end up giving up halfway.

When it comes to setting goals, start small. You don’t have to read ‘Don Quixote’ all in one go! Start with at least 20 pages per day, set a time for yourself to sit down, relax, and read whatever you want.

According to James Clear, the author of the book 'Atomic Habits', 20 pages is a small enough number that it won’t intimidate any reader. 20 appears like a small amount but it adds up fast. If you enjoy what you are reading, once you hit the 20th page you’d want to continue if time permits. Building a habit doesn’t have to be a chore, you don’t have to put pressure on yourself all at once. Take it day by day and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Use your gadgets less before bed.

How often do you find yourself ready for bed with the lights off but you end up scrolling through social media for another 3 hours? Multiple studies have shown that too much screen time can be bad for our overall health. It increases the risk of various diseases and sleep problems. It was also seen that using gadgets, specifically social media, can be linked to several mental and emotional issues. Reducing screen time before bed can help your mind and your body wind down for the day. Some ways you can limit your screen time is by tracking it or by switching off notifications at night.



Make sure to take your health supplements.

Our bodies require a certain number of vitamins and minerals that we can’t produce on our own. This is where drinking your health supplements come into play. Nature's Extract Nutraceutical provides natural supplement formulations that support our bodies immune system at an optimal level. This is why adding this simple yet overlooked habit into our daily routine is important. It not only helps you get through your day, but it also makes sure that your body is running smoothly on the inside.

We recognize that wellness is a result of healthier choices and habits. These four small habits are simple and easy tasks but they provide a huge impact on our lives—both mentally and physically. They accumulate and turn into something bigger in the long-run. The sooner we set our paths to a healthier lifestyle the more we will reap its benefits.